The Science of Comfort

 Mammoth understand the importance of sleep to your health, a more comfortable body equals a healthier body. Mammoth have developed cutting-edge technologies and materials, in pursuit of sleeping excellence. This approach requires the perfect combination of pressure relief, support and temperature regulation to ensure you wake up feeling well rested and refreshed. 

Medical Grade Foam Technology

Mammoth’s innovative Medical Grade Foam is derived from the High Specification Foam originally used in healthcare, as a pressure relieving and supportive component in medical beds and seating.

Medical Grade™ Foam is an incredibly effective material for achieving comfort. By responding immediately to both the weight and shape of the human body, Medical Grade™ Foam helps a sleeper maintain a neutral position, which ensures good spinal alignment. Basically, instant support.

Unlike Memory Foam, which requires body heat to soften the sleep surface, Medical Grade™ Foam is not temperature sensitive and provides a cool, dry and comfortable sleeping surface that promotes an optimum sleeping micro-climate.

Award Winning Performance

Mammoth have won commendation from the NHS Innovations North ‘Bright Ideas in Health’. The NHS recognises Mammoth’s innovative work in the field of pressure relief and in bringing healthcare technologies to the wider public


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