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Ekornes Stressless Aura Office Chair
The Aura Collection from Ekornes Stressless features a tall yet slim design to create an effortlessly modern Office Chair. From the moment you sit down, the Stressless Aura has an enveloping effect on your body. The back and seat cushions provide a tight and comfortable seating position. The stylish and sophisticated rear contrasts against a luxurious quilted overlay, practically suitable with maximum...
£1,927.00 from £1,549.99
Ekornes Stressless London Office Chair
The Ekornes Stressless London is a modern classic, suitable for any stylish home office setting without sacrificing any of the comforts that you expect from the Stressless collection. It is available in a range of different colours to suit your preference.
£1,719.00 from £1,379.99

Ekornes Stressless Tokyo Office Chair
The Tokyo embraces total comfort and is a much-loved item in the Ekornes Stressless range. This Office Chair has a slim back with a comfortable and soft quilted cushion allowing you to enjoy the full experience. Available as both high back with an adjustable neck cushion, a low back and back with a comfortable headrest that can be adjusted up to 10cm.
£1,719.00 from £1,379.99
Ekornes Stressless View Office Chair
The Ekornes Stressless View features ample cushioning whilst also maintaining a timeless and modern design. This Office Chair includes soft upholstery, fitted with a longer and slimmer back it is great for those who need extra length. It also has an elegant and comfortable neck support which can be adapted to users of a variety of heights.
£1,864.00 from £1,499.99

Ekornes Stressless Magic Office Chair
The Stressless Magic collection is designed with one thing in mind: total comfort. The Magic recliner chair utilises innovative Stressless systems to help you achieve maximum sitting comfort. The enveloping back cushioning ensures your body is completely supported in all areas. The comfortable neck rest can be adjusted up to 10cm to support those users with a longer back. The Magic features the following...
£1,973.00 from £1,579.99
Ekornes Stressless Reno Office Chair
Glide System Set the friction of the Stressless wheels once and adjust your sitting position simply by using your body weight. Plus System Finally, a moment to yourself to recharge your batteries. Watch a film, read a good book or just wind down. Lean back and notice how the chair follows your movements.The unique Plus™ system always gives you maximum comfort and support for your neck...
£1,778.00 from £1,429.99

Ekornes Stressless Dover Office Chair
The Dover encompasses a truly modern and sleek design, paired with exceptional levels of comfort. Featuring the innovative glide system to adjust to your movements. This Dover Office Chair features the Home Office base, allowing full freedom of movement with full comfort – even at home! Stressless® glide system Stressless® PlusTM system automatically adjusts the headrest as you recline Sleep...
£1,201.00 from £969.99
Ekornes Stressless Mayfair Office Chair
The Mayfair collection encapsulates the classic Stressless look; elegant and laidback. The comfortable and supple cushioning makes the Mayfair one of the best selling Stressless collections. The Mayfair collection also features state of the art comfort technology, including: Glide System Set the friction of the Stressless wheels once and adjust your sitting position simply by using your body weight. BalanceAdapt Subtle...
£1,576.00 from £1,269.99

Ercol Windsor 3840 Small Bookcase
The small proportions of this Windsor bookcase make it the perfect storage solution for a small room or a compact space, ideal for your living room, study or home office.
£1,725.00 £1,293.99

Ercol Windsor 3841 Medium Bookcase
This classic Windsor bookcase provides four generously sized adjustable shelves, the perfect storage solution for your books or for displaying ornaments. Ideal for your living room, study or home office.
£1,935.00 £1,451.99
Ekornes Stressless Consul Office Chair
The Stressless Consul is the classic recliner chair. The stylish design is perfectly suited for any home interior, the Consul collection is available in a variety of leather and fabric options. The Consul recliner features the following innovative Stressless systems to ensure complete comfort: Glide System Set the friction of the Stressless wheels once and adjust your sitting position simply by...
£1,201.00 from £969.99

Ekornes Stressless Metro High Back Office Chair
The retro-modern Stressless Metro enables you as well as your friends and family to spend time together in style. The combination of a stylish rotating base, fresh lines and a headrest pillow on the high back model ensure that all your comfort needs are met. Glide System Set the friction of the Stressless wheels once and adjust your sitting position simply by using your body weight. BalanceAdapt Subtle...
£1,685.00 from £1,349.99

Jefferson Large Bookcase
Jefferson Large Bookcase
£439.99 £391.00
Jefferson Small Narrow Bookcase
Jefferson Small Narrow Bookcase
£199.99 £177.00

Jefferson Small Wide Bookcase
Jefferson Small Wide Bookcase
£279.99 £249.00
Ercol Windsor 3860 Writing Bureau
This classic writing bureau provides is the perfect flexible work space, ideal for smaller homes. The pull-down drop leaf provides ample space for writing or using a computer. The lower compartment allows for convenient storage space for stationery and other home office items.
£3,885.00 £2,913.99

Holmes Bureau
£1,079.99 £961.00
Ledbury Writing Bureau
Writing Bureau
£249.99 £222.00

£1,459.00 £1,094.99
£1,419.00 £1,064.99

£949.00 £711.99
£1,389.00 £1,041.99

£1,029.00 £769.99
£2,609.00 £1,956.99

£1,339.00 £1,004.99
£709.00 £531.99

£1,409.00 £1,056.99
Regatta 2 Drawer Filing Cabinet
£299.99 £266.00

Regatta 3 Drawer Filing Cabinet
£399.99 £355.00
Regatta Large Desk
£899.99 £800.00

Regatta Rotating Office Chair
£299.99 £266.00

Regatta Small Desk
£599.99 £533.00

Royal Oak 3 Drawer Filing Cabinet
£269.99 £240.00

Royal Oak Shelf Unit with 1 Drawer
£369.99 £329.00
£185.99 £165.00

In a functional workspace that works for you, everything you do in it ultimately comes out better. Our collection of quality home office furniture is designed to not only look stylish but also create a productive working environment. With our beautifully designed home office furniture, you can remain focused within a comfortable space.

With office home furniture from Alan Ward, your work becomes a pleasure. With our office chairs, desks and storage units, every element blends well and functions to create the best workspace for you. If you’re working from home, writing a novel or studying hard, your home study furniture must fuse style and practicality. 

Whether you are creating a home office in the living room, spare bedroom, the old dining room, a conservatory, garage or shed, we have a range of furniture items that can help you create the perfect space, including desks, corner desks, office chairs, cupboards and drawers, bookcases, as well as accessories such as floor and table lamps, rugs and other small office furniture.

Office Chairs

We stock a range of home office chairs that office chairs in the supreme comfort of leather, allowing you to sit for a while and get your work completed with great support for your back and neck.


Our selection of traditional and modern desks include small and large wooden desks, writing bureaus and corner desks.

Storage Units

Keep your office tidy with our collection of elegant bookcases, finished in traditional and modern ways offering style and functionality all-in-one.