The 21 Day Sleep Challenge



National Bed Month Has Arrived: Here’s How to Make the Most of It


March is one of our favourite times of the year, for one very simple reason: it’s National Bed Month. The first daffodils are just beginning to push their way through the soil, newly born lambs are frolicking in the fields, you can feel the weather growing milder day by day, and we’re ready to celebrate something that everybody loves – sleeping.

With spring in the air and National Bed Month to spur you on, it’s the perfect time for new beginnings, and we can think of one very handy overhaul that you might want to try: improving your sleeping habits. With typical UK adults falling short of their sleep quota by one hour every night, it’s time to refresh and reinvigorate your lifestyle by learning how to get some good quality rest.

Here’s what we suggest… Take our 21 Day Sleep Challenge




Whenever you settle on a new goal in life, you should always aim to set yourself up for success, so in this instance, start by creating a room that’s perfect for sleeping in. This means cool, dark, and quiet, so make sure the temperature is low, the curtains are closed, and any electronic devices are turned off rather than buzzing incessantly all night long.

Experts also suggest considering whether it might be time to replace your bedding basics. Although comfort is subjective, we recommend upgrading to a Strauss double bed and divan set and pillow duo from Tempur for a luxuriously decadent night-time experience. After a single sleep, we just know that you’ll be a convert.  - Ask instore about our 40 night guarantee! 

Professionals advise training your body to wake up at the same time each day. This helps your psyche to set an internal alarm clock, and thus train itself to optimise the time you spend asleep, making the shut-eye you do get much better quality.

Although this should eventually mean that you don’t need any help waking up, it will only work in the beginning if you have the discipline not to press ‘snooze’. Our beautiful West Point wide collection offers the perfect surface to balance your phone on, and its smooth top is ideal for sliding it along out of arm reach’s whenever you’re tempted to switch your alarm off.



Most UK adults are under-sleeping by around an hour a night, but taking yourself off to bed this much earlier will often result in you tossing and turning until you eventually drift off at your usual time. It’s much more effective to wind your bedtime back in 15-minute increments until you get it where you want it to be.

To really entice you to hop under the sheets a little bit earlier, we suggest investing in our Elena King Size Deluxe: after all, when the place you sleep looks that good, who could resist climbing under the covers and curling up for the night?


Make the most of National Bed Month: With free delivery shop our gorgeous range of beds and bedroom furniture to get the perfect night’s sleep. You’ll love what we sell so much that you’ll never want to get out from under the covers again. 


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