Hard Flooring

Alan Ward has a wood floor store with excellent choices of hard flooring for anyone looking for quality flooring options. We obtain top quality pieces that offer style and durability for years. We have a range of fantastic designs made to suit your floor appearance desires. We stock these at our Shrewsbury store, so anyone looking for a hardwood floor store close by can get gorgeous choices from Alan Ward.

Our flooring experts have sourced some of the best solid hardwood flooring options around. We stock and sell only the highest quality flooring, with our customers' flooring needs in mind. You can view the fantastic options we have through our online store website or visit our wood floor store at our Shrewsbury location. We are sure you'll get an excellent hard flooring option for your floor.

Stylish Options

We have a vast collection of stylish options for our solid hardwood flooring. Every piece we offer is made to suit the designs tastes our customers have. You can browse through our selection or visit our store. We are confident you'll find an ideal fit for your floor. We have wooden floor tiles in elegant classic muted tones as well as plain and patterned shades.

If you want wood plank flooring that will complement your modern interiors, check out the pieces in contemporary bright and vibrant colours. You are bound to find a perfect hard flooring piece that not only serves its purpose for many years but one that elevates the entire appearance of your house interior.

We have flooring experts who can assist you in picking just the right flooring for you. We'll assist in choosing between either wooden floor tiles or wood plank flooring that perfectly fits your decor.


Personal Touch

Our hardwood floor store has a team of flooring specialists who offer the same great personal service we have always been known for at Alan Ward. Since we started as a small family store up to this time we have grown into a major regional and national hard flooring supplier, we have always understood the importance of having a flooring piece that forms an extension to our clients' personal style.

So, rest assured that whether you are buying a hardwood plank flooring or floor tiles, you'll get a choice that suits your preferences.

Visit our online store, or our Shrewsbury store in-person, and we’re sure you'll find the experience worthwhile. We’re confident you'll leave with a perfect flooring piece for your room. We have flooring options able to suit the many different preferences of our customers.


Guaranteed Quality

Finding a store offering plank flooring and guaranteeing quality that lasts is not always easy. At Alan Ward, we endeavour to be different by ensuring we always evaluate the hard flooring types we stock to the highest of standards. So, rest assured that you will find high-quality hardwood plank flooring or wooden floor tiles. Our selection includes top flooring brands such as Woodpecker and Karndean.

Should you need expert help in choosing the best hard flooring for your house, you can always ask us for assistance. Speak to us today and you'll find our staff team very willing to help you. You can also contact us through phone, email or live chat. Ask us any flooring question, and we'll provide helpful information to help you find hard flooring within your budget that suits your design, size and quality preferences.