Floor Cushions

At Alan Ward, we source and stock fantastic options for floor cushions and pillows. We have extensive experience in the design needs of our customers. This enables us to carefully select cushions that will give you the best style choices. If you have been looking for the ideal cushions to use on your hard floor, you can get ideal ones from our store. Our floor cushions UK range has choices that can give a lot of luxury.

So, if you are seeking superb cushions for your floor, you can get them from our stores. We have these ideally positioned in Shrewsbury, Chester, Winsford or Newcastle-under-Lyme. Any of the floor pillows or cushions we sell at Alan Ward come in outstanding designs. They are high-quality products made to offer years of use. Our specialists always pay close attention to our customers' requirements when stocking these cushions, offering quality across the floor cushions range we offer at Alan Ward.

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Stylish Options

Having a design you'll love is one very important factor that we are aware of in our range. Our cushion specialists stock fantastically stylish options. You can visit our stores to pick the colour or shade that will delight the eye. We have classic plain and patterned shades, as well as muted tones for these cushions. If you are looking for modern floor pillows and cushions, we have an excellent range of contemporary choices. You can find a perfect choice in bright or vibrant colours for your interior.

Through our experience with providing quality cushions, we are intimately aware that it is important to have pieces that not only serve a functional purpose, but also elevate the appearance of an interior. This is why for all of our cushions, be they small or large floor cushions, we offer stylish designs that are a perfect addition to your décor. You can ask our specialists for advice if you experience any challenges picking the right pillows or cushions. We have a very friendly and helpful team here at Alan Ward. So don't hesitate to request help from us to guide you in finding a high-quality cushion or pillow to suit your style preferences.


Personal Touch

We started as a small family store, and over the years, have grown into a major regional and national cushions supplier. In all the years we have been operational, we have maintained the same level of personal service we became known for when we first started. We understand how each customer values their own personal style, so we offer a range of styles across our collection of cushions. Rest assured that the small or large floor pillows or cushions you get from our store will be a perfect extension to your own personal style.

Our big floor cushions come in options such as ink, smoke, navy, lichen, gooseberry and teal shades. These are fine options that can go very well with your floor, giving your room that feeling of style and luxury. All of our cushions are carefully selected and stocked to meet the many different style preferences of our customers. We’re sure that the purchase decision you make online, or through an in-person visit to our cushions store, will be one that is very rewarding.


Guaranteed Quality

Finding a store that guarantees quality in terms of large floor cushions is not always easy. Alan Ward goes to the effort of offering precisely that, and as our experts stock these cushions, they make sure every piece is marked by quality. We regularly evaluate our floor seating cushions stock to ensure quality.

By obtaining options from top cushions manufacturers, we are able to get you great designs that are of high-quality. We supply brands like Juno and Kasbah, and our team are always on hand to discuss the big floor cushions and pillows we have available if you get in touch via phone, email or a live chat. You can also visit any of our stores. We have personable floor cushions experts who will answer all your related questions and help you find an ideal piece for your home.