Here at Alan Ward, we offer many stylish carpet options, including highly luxurious 100% wool carpet choices. We understand that a carpet is a primary design choice in any room, so we know that our customers will want to ensure the very best in terms of aesthetic quality and lasting durability.

For anyone seeking carpets in Shrewsbury, we believe that the Alan Ward carpet store in Shrewsbury will prove to be your ideal option. You’ll be able to see a fantastic range of carpet options that could either complement your existing décor or in many cases become the focal point of a room renovation.

For flooring enquiries, contact our flooring department today on 01743 453906.

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When it comes to finding your ideal carpet option, we appreciate that style, value and durability will all factor in prominently. Here at our Alan Ward carpet shop in Shrewsbury, you will be able to discuss your exact carpet needs with one of our highly personable members of staff who will be able to offer product insight across our range.

Given how much of an impact the right carpet can have on the style quality of any room, we’ll be able to discuss with you in detail the merits of each design, as well as advise on which carpets would pair well with existing sofas and chairs, beds or dining tables. In fact, we can even help you select a complimentary furniture piece and/or rug if you’re looking to complete an entire redesign in one or more of your rooms.

We’ve built a reputation for consistent quality over the years, beginning as a small family brand before growing into a renowned regional and popular national retailer of a range of furniture. We take our commitment to quality as seriously today as we ever have, so if you’re looking for carpets in Shrewsbury and come into our Shrewsbury carpet store, we’re confident that you’ll see the quality carpet and furniture options wherever you look.

Get in touch with us today if you’d like more details about our range, or alternatively come down to our carpet shop in Shrewsbury to ensure that you make exactly the right choice for your home or commercial setting.