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Charity of the Year 2020: Hope House

Charity of the Year 2020: Hope House

Who are Hope House and what do they do?

Hope House Children's Hospices provide specialist nursing care and support to more than 750 children aged 0 to 25 years and their families who live in Shropshire, Cheshire, North and Mid Wales. They provide respite care in our two hospices and in the families' own homes. The impact of caring for a child with a life-threatening condition affects the whole family, but the help Hope House provides enables families to take a much needed short break from their round-the-clock caring routine. Hope House offer bereavement services to families whose children use the hospices, but also to any family in the local area whose child has died in any circumstance.

As a charity committed to supporting young people and their families, Hope House are there to help them be as comfortable, happy and fulfilled as they can be.

For more information about Hope House, please visit:

 Why Hope House?

Three local families a week face the pain of their child dying. Hope House currently raise more than £6.5 million every year, but this only enables them to help only one in every three of those families. Alan Ward are proud to help Hope House raise additional money to achieve their mission to help every child and family in need - because no one should face the death of a child alone.

 How Hope House help: Chloe's story

Chloe was just 22 years old when she died. Always the life and soul of the party and surrounded by family and friends, she had a job she loved and was beginning to find her independence. She was so excited about the future and her family proudly watched her bloom. But a tragic accident changed everything in the blink of an eye.

Chloe suffered fatal injuries when the tractor she was riding on overturned during what began as a happy day at the beach with her boyfriend. Chloe’s mum Karen was distraught. Twelve years earlier she had to break the news to her children that their dad had died suddenly. Karen thought that was the worst time of her life. She never imagined her anguish at having to telling her son that his sister had died too.

Karen could not bear to think of her vibrant, healthy daughter in a hospital mortuary or a funeral home. She didn’t know where to turn. Thankfully she knew of Hope House and the Snowflake Room, a special temperature controlled room where children who have died can spend time before their funeral so that their families and friends can say goodbye in their own time and in their own way. When Karen heard Chloe could come to Hope House she breathed again. She felt that she was getting her beautiful daughter back.

Karen found her favourite photo of Chloe. She was wearing her bobble hat and fluffy jacket and had her hair in pigtails. Karen searched for those clothes and gave them and the photo to the nurses. The nurses put Chloe to bed in the Snowflake Room. They dressed her and did her hair and make-up. Chloe looked stunning. She looked like herself.

More than 50 of Chloe’s friends and family came. Some sat in the private garden outside the Snowflake Room with Karen, some sat and chatted to Chloe and said their goodbyes. They cried and they laughed together. The nurses looked after them too. Her best friends came and put an angel wing bracelet on Chloe’s wrist so they could always be together. They brought her favourite scented candles and lit them and played her favourite Ed Sheeran CD over and over. Those precious days made Chloe’s family and friends feel that they had her back with them again. They all said it gave them the strength to carry on.

Our support means Hope House can continue to help more families who suffer the death of their child. 

Want to get involved?

Throughout 2020, we'll be hosting a variety of fundraising events and activities in aid of Hope House. Keep an eye out in store and sign up to receive our newsletter for updates and exclusive invitations!

21st January 2020

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