Top tips for storing your Christmas decorations

Top tips for storing your Christmas decorations

With the Christmas period over, you may now be left with a tree full of lights and baubles wondering how best to store all your festive decorations. To help, we’ve gathered some clever organisation and storage tips! Though it might take slightly longer than piling everything inside a big carrier bag or an old cardboard box, you’ll soon thank yourself when the festive season rolls around again!


If you no longer have the original packing for your baubles, don’t worry. You can easily store them inside the resealable plastic bags found in all supermarkets. This is an especially good tip If you like changing up your colour scheme on your tree every year as you can separate and store your decorations by colour! This way you can easily grab the bag that matches your chosen theme next time you decorate.

If you prefer a multi-coloured tree, you can still use a see-through bag to organise the baubles by size. Make sure you don’t overfill the bags as this can cause damage and will make the bag harder to seal. For your more delicate decorations, we suggest wrapping them in tissue paper and storing them separately.


Nobody has the time or the patience when it comes to untangling lights! You can avoid the stress by keeping a hold of empty tubes to use as a wrapping device for your lights. From used kitchen roll tubes to an empty can of Pringles, this clever technique ensures that your Christmas tree lights are secured and tangle-free! Simply wrap your lights around the tube and pop the battery pack inside. This can also work for any bead garlands you may have.

Small decorations

Using small clear containers to store tinsel and other decorations made from soft materials will help to limit dust gathering. Ones that can stack on top of each other are even better as you can store them all neatly up in the attic!


When it’s time for your Christmas wreath to come off the front door, prevent any future damage by pushing a coat hanger through the top so you can hang it safely on an attic wall or in a wardrobe. You can also protect your wreath from any dust by carefully placing a plastic bag over the top before poking the coat hanger through!  




2nd January 2020

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