Beat the Blues Ahead of Blue Monday!

Beat the Blues Ahead of Blue Monday!

Inspiration for your home on Blue Monday

Blue Monday - it’s said to be the most depressing day of the year - and it’s easy to understand why. But while January can feel like a tricky month to navigate, the New Year is perhaps the ideal time to rejuvenate or upgrade aspects of your home.

So, in the spirit of Blue Monday, we have taken a look at three ways you can use blue to enhance the main rooms in your home in 2018.

1. The Kitchen

If you’re looking to modernise your kitchen this year, how about trying a shade of blue on the walls? With its close association to water many people opt for the colour. Both dark and light shades can be used depending on the intensity you prefer. Blue is also a popular choice for bathrooms as it reflects the feeling of relaxation.

2. The Bedroom

Duck egg blue is a great choice for bedrooms, and it doesn’t just have to be used on the walls. Using your bed as the soft colour feature, teamed with white walls, can create the optimum feeling of calm which is perfect for the bedroom. The choice of a lighter colour can also go a long ways towards making the smallest room feel bigger. 

3.The Living Room


While blue is a popular choice for conveying a tranquil and stress relieving environment in the home, the colour can also be teamed with high contrast colours to create a bold statement. Choosing a dark blue sofa, and pairing it with bright yellow accessories, can stop your home from feeling too cool in colour, and boost the energy of a certain room.


11th January 2018

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