How to upgrade your bedroom

How to upgrade your bedroom


The average person spends over 35 years in their bedroom; granted most of the time it’s with their eyes closed. Yet the importance of that space that we find ourselves falling asleep and beginning our day in holds much more value than many of us realise. For many of us it’s our safe haven, a place where we can escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, a place of contentment and comfort.  So therefore when it comes to decorating that space, the results should uncover a room that is truly yours.


Starting from the bottom up

When choosing what to have on your bedroom floor there are various options to consider, many crave a relaxing bedroom vibe so a plush carpet may be the standout option. However, laminate or vinyl finish is becoming an ever-growing trend. If you are leaning towards a natural wood looking finish then we suggest treating your bare feet on a cold winter’s day to a toe hugging area rug. It can even become the focal point for the room by adding depth that your eye will naturally be drawn towards.

 Wooden bedRyan bedframe

The statement piece

Double or king? Metal or wood? Will it fit? Questions that should be asked before purchasing your perfect bed. A better night’s sleep can relieve muscle aches, lack of sleep and bad moods. It’s essential that you try a bed before buying it, yes that means lying on it in a store full of people that you don’t know, and even sampling out your sleeping position on the bed. Don’t worry we don’t judge. It’s also important to consider the room size that it will be going in, a king-sized bed isn’t suitable for every room, in the same way a single can be drowned out in a large room.

Last but not least

Bring out your personality by adding staple pieces to your bedroom, once the foundation of the room now is the chance to make it yours and to have some fun. Step outside the norm, get creative by mapping out a gallery wall that can go above or even replace your headboard space, made up of photo’s, artwork and abstract designs it can be the golden touch to your room.

Something to set the tone, from floor lamps to table lamps, lights play a huge part in setting the mood. Whether you’re looking for white bright light to enhance the room’s décor or prefer a warmer, cosier light for those relaxing nights in. Whether you want it to be a feature or subtle we have found ourselves with a collection that will light up your day. And the best part about lamps is that the lampshade can be changed just as easily as a lightbulb.

19th July 2019

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