How to host the perfect garden party

How to host the perfect garden party

It's officially Summer, which means it's time to be out and about in the garden with family and friends. Planning a garden party? Our helpful tips will get you on your way to hosting the perfect summer event!

Ample seating

Running around the house, in the garage and up in the attic trying to find additional seating at the last minute is never ideal... plan ahead and ensure that you are able to seat all of your guests. Whether you're hosting an intimate get together or are entertaining the masses, Alan Ward have an array of garden sets available for you to choose from. Plus, you can save 10% off all garden sets as part of our Summer Sale! Shop the range online here, or visit Alan Ward Shrewsbury to view the entire range in-store. Need a separate space for the kids too? Lay some cosy rugs and cushions down on the grass to give them the opportunity to socialise and play in a group setting. 

With generous benches to allow for extra seats, convenient corner seating space optimises any outdoor space. Finished off with the rising table, the Oxford set will perfectly complement any garden. 

Keep it simple

Whatever food or drinks you have in mind, just try to keep it simple. There’s nothing worse than stressing yourself out as the host by promising tricky recipes and over-complicated cocktail recipes! Guests will already be ecstatic by the sunny weather, and they’ll be more than satisfied with the old staple of burgers, sausages and potato salad. If you want to add a dash of something different, why not add flavoured meat rubs or marinades to spice things up a bit? Don't forget to provide vegetarian options and soft drink alternatives to guests. It's also important to keep the layout simple too! Place your plates, utensils, condiments, drinks and anything else you might need on an easy-to-access outdoor dining table. By allowing the guests to get their own bits it keeps the setting casual, allows everyone to still socialise around the dinner table, whilst it also means you have the opportunity to show off your garden furniture. Don't forget to protect your outdoor furniture from any spillages with a table runner!

Always be prepared

Whilst we may be experiencing some delightful weather one minute, sure enough, our British luck will soon run out. Always be prepared for the weather to make a sudden turn - whether it be overcast clouds or a drizzle of rain, make sure you are ready. Gazebos and parasols can provide you with some kind of shelter from the rain, and as such, are key pieces for the UK summertime. Once the sun goes down, you'll start to feel the chill. Outdoor cushions and throws can add a level of cosiness when the clouds and cool breeze set in - but if you would rather something more efficient then invest in outdoor heating. Shop the range of outdoor shelter and heating solutions available online at Alan Ward here. Don't forget that providing your guests with shelter from the beaming sun is just as important too!

The Banana parasol pairs perfectly with any garden set and provides shelter from the summer sun.

Pick a theme

A theme really helps to set the atmosphere and provide the 'wow' factor at any event. But don't worry - choosing and incorporating a theme doesn't need to be a chore. A theme can be as a simple as a colour... think 'pretty in pink' or 'into the blue' as some examples! Of course, if you are celebrating a personal event (such as a birthday or a baby shower) then your theme will already be at the forefront of your mind. If you're feeling more adventerous, try a more eleborate theme such as an enchanted garden or a circus show. Whateve theme you choose, platforms such as Pinterest will provide endless amounts of inspiration and ideas to help you on your way to creating an instant party vibe. 


Entertainment is key

Music is key to any social gathering, especially when trying to create the right mood. A calm, chilled out summer playlist can work perfectly to set the tone of the event whilst eliminating any of that awkward silence before the party gets started. Small portable Bluetooth speakers are a great way to bring the music outside without the heaviness and impracticality of bulky equipment. Young children won't be too interested in your carefully chosen playlist, so ensure there are lots of games and activities to keep them preoccupied and entertained. Books, board games and colouring are always a great idea. Want to go that little bit further? Get some decorative sweets and chocolates to set up a cupcake decorating station - this will stimulate senses and satisfy hunger all in one!

Rid yourself of fragile and sentimental items

Glass or ceramic plates can scream disaster when it comes to outdoor dining. There are now so many sophisticated and elegant outdoor dining sets that make for welcome alternatives, so save yourself the hassle of providing fragile items to guests, and invest in an outdoor dining set. It will not only keep your kitchen crockery safe, but it will ensure that your outdoor dining experience looks aesthetically pleasing and consistent... perfect if you are hoping to impress this summer! The same approach should be taken with sentimental items. Make sure that anything you would be upset to see ruined or broken is removed from reach and out of sight. 

Don't forget the finishing touches

 The finishing touches are the items that combine practicality and style. Think soft furnishings, such as cushions and throws, and ambient lighting which you can achieve through the soft glow of scented candles. These will all help to tie the overall look together and create a cosy environment for your guests to enjoy all day (and night)!




12th July 2019

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