The garden set for you

The garden set for you

The design and practicality of outdoor living furniture has changed drastically over the years, meaning that it is now so easy to lounge outdoors in comfort and in style (the same way as you would in your own living room)! No matter your furniture tastes or the size of your outdoor space, you are no longer limited to simple designs and uncomfortable seating. 

 Comfortable furniture that’s good enough to take indoors

We all know that the British summer can be very unpredictable. Often when the sun comes out, you don't want to miss a minute, but you may not realise the effect that poor quality garden furniture can have on your body. Don't spend hours on end sitting on hard and uncomfortable seating - you will most likely develop aches and pains from poor posture. Instead, look for a garden set that comes with deep filled cushions and a structure that provides excellent support for your back.  

Colourful fabrics and statement designs

When we say colourful fabrics, we don’t necessarily mean bright, bold colours to overtake your garden with. Instead, become more focused on dressing your garden with a colour scheme. Thanks to new and improved garden furniture, you can now pick from a range of colour fabrics - so whether you want modern slate greys, muted tones or patterned fabric - you can now dress your garden with a set style and tone in mind.


If you’re going through (or have gone through) a landscaping project in your garden, you will know about symmetry, balance and structure. As it now turns out, asymmetry is going to be a big trend in gardens for 2019. Gardens will feel less compartmentalised and structured, and instead feel more relaxed and fluid. As such, it’s the perfect opportunity to opt for an outdoor dining set that is less traditional.

Sophisticated lighting

Lighting is not only important in the home, but also outside the home too! Adding sophisticated solar lights can work well to incorporate a theme into a garden, and provide accents to that theme. Perhaps you’re thinking Moroccan-inspired or country farmhouse? Whatever look you are hoping to achieve, lighting can help you by becoming the perfect finishing touch. Outdoor lighting is also really important for social events; if you like to host garden parties and BBQ's, sufficient light sources will mean that the party doesn't need to end as soon as the sun goes down!

27th June 2019

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