How to clean and care for your sofa

How to clean and care for your sofa

Sofas and chairs needs regular maintenance too! Here are some handy tips to help you keep your sofa looking and smelling great all year round!


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See to stains quickly

Sadly, stains and spillages are sometimes inevitable... but you can limit the damage by treating your sofa the same way you would your carpet! Spillages must always be cleaned away quickly in order to avoid them becoming permanent stains. Using a dry cloth and a dabbing motion, gently blot any excess liquid - this method will prevent damage to the sofa fabric in the long run. Aggressive scrubbing and rubbing will only make things worse! Don't dilute the stain with cleaning solution until the majority of the spillage has been absorbed as this will only result in a higher percentage of liquid settling into the fabric.

Vacuum regularly

You may think your flooring and stairways benefit most from regularly vacuuming, but you may forget to clean your sofa this way too. Regular vacuuming will reduce a build-up in dirt and bacteria, which can alter the colour and fabric condition over time. Use an adaptive nozzle or a hand-held vacuum cleaner to fit down the sides of the sofa so you don't miss a single crumb! Lint rollers are also really handy to store nearby, so you can quickly and effectively remove pet hair and dust!

Test is best

When it comes to stubborn stains, you may need a method more powerful than the simple water and cloth combination. Before using any cleaning detergent, always do a little spot test on a section of the sofa that remains mainly hidden away from view. This removes any risk of fabric damage or discolouration on larger, visible areas of the sofa. It's better to be safe than sorry! Always check the manufacturer's guide for product clean and care guidelines as these will always advise accordingly.

Be clever with cosy accessories and soft furnishings

For any stains that are sadly irreversible, be creative and use stylish cushions and throws to keep them hidden from the eye. Layering your sofa with soft furnishings also helps to create a more homely and welcoming environment when entertaining guests! At Alan Ward, we have a great selection of soft furnishings available to shop in-store and online. With so much choice available, you can switch up the look easily and at any time! See some of the homewares we stock online here.


Don't forget to always check the label!

Just like clothes, sofas come with a handy label with lots of codes and material descriptions. Make sure you know what your sofa is made from to understand the best way of keeping it clean - the sofa manufacturer guide will outline what each symbol means and, in turn, how your sofa should be maintained. This is always unique to the sofa, so don't do anything until you've read and understood the label.


25th April 2019

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