The perfect guest bedroom

The perfect guest bedroom

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The perfect guest bedroom

Have you got a guest bedroom that needs a little TLC - but you aren’t sure where to start? The perfect guest room is simply a combination of style and practicality. You’ll want your guests to enter a room and feel instantly impressed and comforted by their surroundings, but sometimes achieving this balance can be difficult. To help you on your design journey for the perfect interior, we've outlined some handy tips below that will keep both you and your guests happy!

Keep it neutral

Don’t get us wrong, loud and proud colour schemes are very on-trend and we love them, but we recommend keeping it simple for the guest room. It's best to cater to the masses by incorporating soft, neutral tones that are tasteful and instantly feel warm and welcoming. White bedding is classic, clean and provides a little element of luxury, and accessories and soft furnishings in lighter tones will compliment nicely. Whilst the décor won’t always appeal to everyone’s tastes, opting for neutral shades will work the best in making a room feel homely and safe.

 Invest in the best

The bed should be safe and secure, the mattress should be cushioned and comfortable and the pillows should be plump. You don’t need to go to the extremes, and you can make simple yet successful changes by completing the checklist in stages. If your old mattress and its dodgy springs always seem to make their way to the guest bedroom, it may be time to invest. If the current mattress in the guest room is old and uncomfortable, replacing this should be the priority. Granted, if you’ve upgraded your mattress for a larger size and the old one is still in excellent condition, then there is no reason to not reuse this in the guest bedroom! Opt for sheets and bedding with a high cotton count and will continue to wash well.

It’s also a good idea to provide two pillow types (with different fillings) and stack these on top of each other, so that the guest can choose their preferred type. Like you would for your own bedroom, don’t forget to switch the duvet based on the season (high tog for winter, low tog for summer) and ensure that the curtains in the room are effective in blocking out sunlight too! Treat your guest bedroom as if you were upgrading our own and you won’t go far wrong… and you’ll also prevent the risk of any grumpy guests in the future!

Provide the handy basics

Be sure that the guest room is equipped with all the essentials for your guest's convenience. If you're unsure what to provide, think about the items you’d find in a hotel room… We'd recommend an alarm clock, a hairdryer, fresh and fluffy towels, an assortment of travel toiletries (body wash, shampoo, a small tube of toothpaste and a spare toothbrush), and some drinking glasses placed next to bottled water. Make sure the room has a floor length mirror and some empty drawer and wardrobe space (living out of a suitcase is never ideal). These personal, finishing touches will impress your guests and will also make them feel at ease and very appreciative for the times when they forget to pack something!

Light it up!

Ambient lighting is an excellent way of creating depth and cosiness in a room, so give your guests the option of using various light sources; table lamps are great for bedtime reading whilst floor lamps are great positioned next to a mirror to provide extra brightness. Statement floor lamps are also excellent in providing a contemporary focal feature! Check out some of the stylish lighting we stock online here. If your guest room is features an ensuite, make sure there is sufficient lighting that is bright enough to illuminate the entire room.



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18th November 2019

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