How to Spring clean your home

How to Spring clean your home

With the days getting longer and the lighter nights just around the corner, now is the best time to get into the swing of spring by deep cleaning your home. We tend to feel more motivated and energised upon entering the spring season, so go ahead and give your home the TLC it needs after a long, dark winter! 

We’ve outlined some key points to help you get into the spirit of a spring clean, as well as a cleaning checklist for the rooms in your home. Make it a group task by encouraging the family to help out too… the more help, the better!

Stock up!

Raid through your cleaning cupboard and supplies to identify what products you need, so you can write a small shopping list. No need to go overboard: rubber gloves, sponge cloths, heavy duty cleaning solutions (bleach and antibacterial types), a mop, and a duster are the essentials. If you have kids and/or pets, be sure to keep these stored away from reach at all times.

Make a day of it

A spring clean isn’t usually a five minute job, so block out a day where you can fully dedicate your time and energy towards cleaning your home. Your initial focus should be on what rooms need the most attention (so you can use these as a starting point). Though it would be really productive to go through each and every room in your house and give it all a deep clean, it may not always be possible due to time constraints and your other responsibilities. Choose which rooms you’d most like to organise and refresh… then make these your top priority!

 FOUR is the magic number

Go through every item (yes, every item!) in the room and assign it into one of the following four categories: keep, donate, recycle or throw away. Your ‘keep’ pile should consist of your most-loved items, or possessions that you wouldn’t want to be without. These are the ones that will filter back into storage. If an item is of good condition but serves no purpose to you… then pop it in the ‘donate’ pile. These items can be passed on to friends, family members or a local charity. Your ‘recycle’ pile should contain items that are easily recyclable, such as paper, cardboard and glass. Finally, any items that are broken, unusable or are unable to be recycled should be placed in the ‘throw away’ pile.

The key here is to be strict, realistic and honest… if you haven’t worn those light wash jeans in over 18 months, you probably aren’t planning to wear them anytime soon… so donate them to somebody else who will find joy in wearing them more regularly! Invest in a good shredder to dispose of all the old and pointless paperwork you may have scattered around, then pop this in for recycling. One forgotten area tends to be the medicine cupboard, so be sure to check through all the tablets and liquid remedies you have to filter out anything that has expired.

 Don't forget about the carpets

Use a heavy duty carpet cleaning vacuum or hire a professional to come and deep clean all the flooring and rugs in your home. This can help to sanitise and restore colour, as over time carpets can discolour and appear patchy in some areas from a build-up of dirt particles and dust. Though your carpets may look well-maintained, you'll be surprised to see the difference once they've been properly cleaned! The overall room will appear much brighter and lighter as a result!


We’ve created the ultimate cleaning checklist so you don't miss anything! Copy this list and tick each task off as you go!


Empty and disinfect the bin
Scrub inside the oven and the hob
Wipe inside the microwave
Clean the kettle
Wipe the countertops/surfaces using an antibacterial cleaner
Disinfect the floor
Wipe the wall tiles
Use the antibacterial cleaner to clean the inside of the fridge
Organise the kitchen cupboards and throw away any expired items
Organise the cutlery
Sharpen blunt knives
Rearrange the kitchen cupboards (keep all breakfast cereals together, all snacks together etc.)
Disinfect all door handles, taps and light switches
Make sure all Tupperware has a lid!

Laundry/Utility room

Empty the washing machine and tumble dryer
Disinfect all surfaces, light switches and door handles
Mop and disinfect the floor
Wipe the tiles
Declutter and organise all cleaning products.


Disinfect and bleach in and around the toilet (including the seat)
Use a bathroom cleaner designed to remove a build-up of lime scale inside the showerhead
Use a glass/window cleaner to remove water marks from shower doors, or pop your shower curtains in the washing machine
Wipe inside the bath  
Wash the bath mat
Clean the sink, taps and mirror
Declutter the medicine cabinet
Organise all toiletries/make-up
Disinfect all door handles and light switches
Wash all towels with a fabric softener
Refill the soap dispenser
Disinfect the floor.


Hoover and clean the carpet
Wipe down bedside tables
Dust around the ceiling and window frame
Wash and replace bedding
Rotate the mattress
Disinfect all door handles and light switches
Clean the window and mirror
Organise the clothes in the wardrobe/drawers.

Office/Study room

Shred all unneeded paperwork/documents
Disinfect work area (desk, keyboard, mouse and computer screen)
Dust and wipe down bookcase shelves
Organise files effectively using folders
Hoover and clean the carpet.

7th March 2019

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