Brighten up your home and beat the January blues!

Brighten up your home and beat the January blues!

When the joyful festive period is well and truly over and all your Christmas decorations are out of sight and packed away, your house can often be left looking a little dark and feeling a little empty. It’s the time of year where natural daylight is sadly a scarce resource and our homes are more likely to appear small, dim and gloomy as a result.

But don’t wait for the spring bloom to banish the winter blues in your home! We’ve outlined some simple suggestions below to help you love your space again…  

Revamp and restore the colour!

January is often regarded as the time to make some changes, and your home can certainly benefit from this tradition too… so if you’ve been toying over whether to give the walls a new look, now might be a good time to get the paint brush and roller out! You will also allow yourself the opportunity to be creative and practical whilst making the most of being stuck indoors.

If you’re giving a smaller space an interior overhaul, always opt for lighter shades as your chosen wall paint colour. Light paint colours work really well to trick the eye into thinking a room is bigger than it physically is. White is timeless and really helps to maximise space, but if you feel a bright white room can appear clinical then soft neutral colours (think light greys and pastel tones!) are just as effective.

If you love deep, rich shades though, don’t worry. You can create a modern contrast by incorporating small accessories and soft furnishings in darker colours (as shown in the image below!). 

We discuss the effectiveness of accessories in dark rooms later on in this post, so keep reading to find out how they can be best used to brighten up your home!

Freshen up

There are still other ways of restoring the overall look to encourage and enhance light for when you may not want to change the entire colour scheme. Spend an afternoon touching-up any wall marks to give the room a fresh new feel. Don’t forget the skirting boards – you may be unaware of just how much discolouration can occur over time until you give them some TLC! Though it may seem obvious, intense white ceilings will always work best to give the illusion of maximum space by continually reflecting light around the room. Ensuring all colour placement within the room remains clean and vibrant will continue to make the overall space appear brighter and lighter.

Mirror, mirror on the wall…

Mirrors are a really clever resource to use when styling an area of your home that lacks natural daylight; their reflective surface allows both natural and artificial light to bounce around the room and create the illusion of greater depth. As well as serving as a functional and contemporary addition to any room, mirrors will also break up any empty wall space you may have. We suggest you hang a large mirror on the wall opposite to the main window to reap the benefits of extra light! Maximise the effect by giving your windows a quick once-over to remove any dirt and smears.

Flower power!

Why not introduce Spring a little earlier by incorporating some eye-catching flowers into your home? Flowers instantly brighten up a room and serve as an everyday reminder of what to look forward to when Spring finally comes around! Fresh-cut flowers will provide an uplifting home fragrance, whilst artificial ones are super easy to switch up and maintain - take your pick based on what will work best for you and your home. Choose your favourite kinds and display them in a vase as a centre-piece on a table or counter to add an instant pop of colour!

New Year, new home!

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17th January 2019

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