How to choose the right mattress for your sleeping position

How to choose the right mattress for your sleeping position

According to research by The Sleep Council, we sleep for an average of 6.5 hours every night. Based on this statistic and the average life expectancy in the UK, we spend over a third of our lifetime asleep in bed! Despite this, many people settle down in bed every night on a mattress they are not be best-suited to. A good night’s sleep has been scientifically shown to improve our overall health, boost day-to-day productivity at work/school and reduce stress levels - but if you’ve noticed you’re not sleeping well and your body is tense and achy when you wake, the problem can often be a pinpointed to the wrong mattress.

How do you sleep?

So you’ve recognised your mattress is the culprit – now what? When yours is failing to give you the best start to your day and is in need of replacing, it can be difficult and sometimes over-whelming to understand where to start in the selection process. We believe one of the first steps towards better sleep is to identify whether you are a side-sleeper, a back-sleeper or a stomach-sleeper. Understanding how your body moves and adjusts to suit your sleep style is really important when choosing the right mattress; different firmness ratings, materials and densities all combine together to support your body in unique ways!

With this in mind, we have some useful tips and thoughts to consider to help you start your journey towards the perfect night’s sleep…


Over half of all adults in the UK sleep on their sides, making this the most preferred sleeping position! Despite its popularity, sleeping on your side can still cause body discomfort as a result of the additional pressure placed on your shoulders and hips whilst asleep. If this is your natural sleeping position, our bed specialists think you will feel most comfortable in a medium/medium-soft mattress that can evenly support your body and will mould to your unique shape. Memory foam mattresses are often a great option for side-sleepers as they work to relieve the extra pressure placed on your joints by offering superior body contouring.


Laying on your back is often regarded as the ideal sleeping position as your body weight is evenly distributed and your spine alignment remains neutral. Back-sleepers often find they have more choice and flexibility when selecting a new mattress due to the greater scope for personal preference. If you sleep in this position, the perfect mattress is the one that feels most suited to you - whether you prefer a firm surface to provide extra spinal support or a softer surface to cushion you. If you’re unsure, our bed specialists advise you try a medium/medium-firm mattress as a good starting point!


If you find yourself drifting off whilst laid on your stomach, you may not be aware that this position can cause poor spine alignment and strain on your neck, shoulders and back as you sleep. Waking up with discomfort in these areas can often be an indicator that the current mattress is not suitable for this particular sleeping position, so it’s especially important that stomach-sleepers take extra care and opt for a mattress that can provide them with the most support. If you sleep in this position, we recommend a mattress with a higher firmness rating that will help to control unnatural body alignment and will prevent you from ‘sinking in’. Pocket-spring mattresses are a good option to help limit lower back arch!

Don’t delay the perfect night’s sleep…

At Alan Ward, we have a huge range of mattresses available and with the expert help of our staff, we can ensure you select the perfect one for you – no matter how you sleep! We always recommend you try out as many mattresses in-store before you decide! Find your local Alan Ward store here.

9th January 2019

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