Get your home ready for Halloween...

Get your home ready for Halloween...

Halloween - it’s the spookiest time of the year. Trick-or-treating, fancy-dress parties and apple bobbing are all enjoyable pastimes for the October holiday. If you’re planning to partake this year then you will want to make sure that your home is up to scratch.

Our guide will give you five simple steps you can take towards making your home ready for the ghastly day, and to ensure that your Halloween party will rival even the most creepy. Happy Halloween everyone!

1. Lights, more lights, action!

Lighting is a perfect way to build atmosphere in any room. Stores stock a wide variety of Halloween-themed lights at this time of year, from ghost shapes to spiders. The mix of decoration and dim lighting can give any room an eerie vibe, so be sure to hit the off switch on the big lights this year.

2. Candles

Similar to fairy lights, candles do a great job of setting the scene. If you’re looking to keep the colour scheme of Autumn going then opt for orange, red and purple candles. If your aim is to go all out for Halloween, then perhaps try out a witchier look with black and green. Don’t forget, if you really want to give off the Halloween vibe, opt for scented candles. At this time of year, they come in all kinds of weird and wonderful Halloween scents!

3. Cobwebs, cobwebs everywhere

The key to any Halloween party is cobwebs! If you want to instantly add a chilling and creepy vibe to your home, buy some fake cobwebs and pull them over furniture and doors. They’re easy to decorate with, cheap to buy and more importantly, easy to clean up. Halloween decor made simple!

4. Pumpkin carving

An essential to any Halloween haunted house is carved pumpkins. You can find a range of templates available online these days, so whether you want to go for a traditional jack-o-lantern or something a little trickier, you can. Carved pumpkins are perfect when lit up, and go great on front-door porches or in windows.

5. Spooky garlands or bunting

Finally, if you want a temporary way to spruce up your home for Halloween, why not try themed garlands or bunting? You can find material to make your own, or you can buy ready-made. Bunting is a good way to keep your home looking stylish and neat whilst injecting an element of ‘horror’.

30th October 2018

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