5 things you need for a Bake Off worthy kitchen

5 things you need for a Bake Off worthy kitchen

Baking - it’s a big part of life for many people, especially at this time of year. Not only is it officially Great British Bake Off season, but it’s also the run-up to Christmas, and that’s the time baking folks tend to get their Christmas-cake-planning hats on.

To make sure that your home is ready for any bake-off challenge, we’ve put together a list of essentials that you absolutely need to make sure that you’re fully prepared for anything the season throws at you:

1.Baking Trays Galore

Circle, square, deep pan or cupcake trays… baking trays are essential to any baker’s kitchen. Having the right type of tray for each bake is also essential. If you’re planning a rich, filled fruit cake for Christmas you will want to invest in a deep baking tray. Planning spooky-decorated cupcakes for Halloween? Make sure that you’ve got a decent set of cupcake trays at the ready.

2. Quality Scales

In order to create the perfect bake, you’ll need the right tools for the job. Purchasing a quality set of scales will ensure that you can always deliver on even the most complicated recipe. If you want to throw a little style into the mix too, these nostalgia-style mechanical scales will add a nice vintage vibe to your kitchen.

3. An Apron For Any Spills

Baking can be messy, and that’s why you should always have an apron on hand to catch any of those inevitable spillages. There are many stylish options now on offer, and if you want to ensure that your kitchen theme remains intact, get an apron that matches your colour scheme.


4. Cake Server

What’s a cake without a cake server? To cut up the perfect slice you will need a cake server like this one.

5. A Cake Tin

And finally, make sure you have a cake tin to save your masterpiece and share the love (or cake) with more people. Also, a cake tin will allow your cakes to stay fresher for even longer.

Happy baking everyone!

17th October 2018

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