A visit from Sleep Expert Dr Jonathan Bloomfield

A visit from Sleep Expert Dr Jonathan Bloomfield

Last month we were very pleased to welcome Dr Jonathan Bloomfield to our Alan Ward Shrewsbury store. For those of you that missed the occasion, Jonathan is an expert in sleep, fatigue and human performance, working in collaboration with Mammoth as their resident Sleep Expert.

With expertise in psychological stress and fatigue, Jonathan's specialist knowledge has provided incredible insight into a range of industries. While his background is in Elite Sport, his work has helped individuals in other industries to improve their quality of sleep by optimising their sleep environment. It’s important to note that this work has consequently helped with performance in the workplace too. After all, a good night’s sleep is essential to positive daily output and performance, whatever the job.

While attending our ‘Feel Good Thursday’ event at our Shrewsbury store in September Jonathan provided some incredible insight, and as we wouldn’t want any of you to miss out, here’s an overview of what Dr Jonathan Bloomfield so kindly taught us.

Dr Jonathan Bloomfield's Expert Sleep Tips:

  • The timing of your sleep is so important. While quantity and quality of sleep are certainly vital, you also need to employ a consistent bedtime and wake-time 7 days a week.
  • Simply going to bed early is not enough to ensure a good night’s sleep will occur. It’s crucially important that your bedroom environment is dark, cool, quiet, clean and clutter-free. This also means that technology such as phones and televisions are a no-go in the bedroom.
  • Most of us are tempted to relax and lay in bed for a short while after waking up in a morning. Unfortunately, this is a habit that you might want to kick. It is essential that you respect your sleep space - and this means when you wake up to make sure you get up.

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3rd October 2018

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