Why socialising and dining is so good for our well-being

Why socialising and dining is so good for our well-being

If you take a minute to think about how and where we socialise, your thoughts are probably taken to that drink you had at the pub, that coffee and cake you had with a friend or the amazing Sunday lunch you had just the other week at a family gathering. Socialising and dining seem to go hand in hand.

In this update, we take a look at why socialising and dining can be so good for our wellbeing, and how you can utilise your home as a sociable dining space.

Socialising improves mood

First off, let's take food out of the equation, just socialising alone is proven to improve mood, increase your self-esteem and stimulate your mind.

All of these things are positive factors, so why wouldn’t we want to make our home the hub of social activity? Hosting a regular dinner party is a very easy way to maximise our home as a sociable space, whilst helping us to feel good about ourselves.

Drinks and dinner encourage bonding

Going out to dinner or going for drinks can be a bonding experience for friends and families alike. It allows you to try something new, lets you step outside of your comfort zone to build your confidence, and encourages you to expand your cultural horizons.

Now, what’s stopping us from replicating this experience at home?

If you have a big kitchen or a set dining space that’s going to waste, why don’t you think about hosting monthly meet-ups with your friends or family, and set a different food country theme each time?

The dining element gives a purpose to the occasion, whilst the themes replicate the same type of excitement you would experience when heading to a new restaurant for the first time. Plus, it allows you to show off your personality through both decoration and cookery. Take for example the following: one month you could host an Italian themed dinner party - think red, white and green colours for decoration, accompanied by Italian inspired food and drink. The next month you could choose another country. This type of event brings dining and socialising together in your home to create an enjoyable social occasion for all. Homeware accessories are great for adding the little details to gatherings at your home too. Quirky wine bottle stoppers, unusual dining placemats, rose gold cutlery sets - all of these are examples of small details to a home dinner party that can provide lasting impressions

 But remember, furniture can be key to a social setting

With socialising being so essential to our wellbeing it makes sense to consider it when choosing home decor or designing the interior of a home. The furniture you choose can be fundamental, and if you are choosing to create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere where friends and family can socialise, you will want to consider the type of furniture that you chose. Will it be fit for purpose?

For example, if you are planning to host regular dinner parties, do you want the atmosphere to feel formal or casual? If you are opting for small and casual, then you might probably think about a rounded table which allows less restriction, removes any ‘hierarchy’ or head of the table, and it enables guests to chat freely and easily in a more balanced setting.

At Alan Ward, we have dining sets to match any situation, whether you’re looking for an extending dining table for big parties, or smaller sets for cosy, intimate dinner dates - take a look here. 

12th September 2018

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