How a bad mattress can affect your health

How a bad mattress can affect your health

The Importance of the Right Mattress

Despite the fact that we spend approximately one-third of every single day on a mattress, the health benefits of a good mattress are rarely explored. And the negative impact of a bad mattress are scarcely talked about in our daily lives.

Having the wrong type of mattress, or continuing to use a worn out mattress, are two massive ways in which our health can be negatively affected… without us really noticing.

In our latest update, we take a quick look at three ways your mattress can affect your health, and why you should be carefully considering your choices if you want to keep your physical and mental wellbeing in check.

1. Don’t let the bed bugs bite…

Posture and comfort are not the only things to think about when you are considering upgrading your sleeping arrangements. Using a mattress that is either used or worn out may be a welcome invitation to dust mites, thus triggering some unwanted allergies. Washing your sheets in hot water regularly can reduce the risk of mites while vacuuming your mattress is a top tip for curbing uninvited guests.

But, if you have had your mattress for over eight years, it’s probably time you head to the tip and upgrade to a new, fresh model.

2. Experiencing back pain?

Back pain is a common medical concern in the UK, with many suffering from ongoing aches in the lower back. This is not always caused by your sleeping situation, but if you are experiencing discomfort then it may be worth re-evaluating your mattress choice. You should consider the following:

Is it older than eight years old? It could be that your mattress is no longer supporting you in the same way, as it has naturally declined based on constant use. The Sleep Council recommends changing your mattress every eight years, but depending on the quality of the mattress purchased this may differ and you may require a switch sooner than expected.

Is your current mattress soft or firm? For bad backs, it is suggested that medium-firm mattresses may be preferential as they provide more support whilst maintaining a level of comfort. If you are experiencing back pain with a soft mattress, it may mean that you are not well supported and your posture is suffering as a result. Tempur is a great mattress choice as it is designed to conform to the shape of your body and it reacts to your pressure points, offering you the most comfortable sleeping position. Something that might be beneficial if you prefer a soft mattress, but your partner prefers a different type.

3. Getting a cold more than usual?

If your mattress is quite dated, chances are that it is not going to be providing the same level of comfort as it was when you first bought it. If it is not promoting the same relief and support, your sleep may well be affected in a negative way. Poor quality sleep can result in a weaker immune system, as well as affecting other aspects of your health too, such as your heart, weight and psychological well-being.

Also, let's not forget that a particularly old mattress is going to have a lot more bacteria on it in comparison to a newer and fresher model. Bacteria can not always be seen but that doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Don’t overlook the importance of mattress care, and this may include regular cleaning. If you feel like you are getting sick on a more regular occurrence, your mattress may be the culprit. 

13th August 2018

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