Your Guide to Hosting the Perfect Summer BBQ

Your Guide to Hosting the Perfect Summer BBQ

We’ve been really lucky in England of late with the weather. We have experienced an actual sunny Bank Holiday… and since then the weather has held up remarkably well!

Now if you’re anything like us, you are probably thinking about how to make the most of this good fortune. So, here at Alan Ward, we have put together a guide to hosting the perfect summer BBQ.

1. Keep it simple!

Whatever food or drinks you have in mind, just try to keep it simple. There’s nothing worse than stressing yourself out as the host by promising tricky recipes and over-complicated cocktail concoctions. Guests will already be ecstatic by the sunny weather, and they’ll be more than satisfied with the old staple of burgers, sausages and potato salad. If you want to add a dash of something different, why not think about flavoured meat rubs or marinades to spice things up a bit.

2. Choose the right summer playlist

Music is key to any social gathering, especially when trying to create the right mood. A calm, chilled out summer playlist can work perfectly to set the tone of the event whilst eliminating any of that awkward silence before the party gets started. Small portable Bluetooth speakers are a great way to bring the music outside without the need for bulky equipment.

3. Always be prepared…

We might be experiencing some delightful weather right now, but sure enough, our British luck will soon run out. Always be prepared for the weather to turn - whether it be overcast clouds or a drizzle of rain, make sure you are ready. Gazebos and parasols can provide you with some kind of shelter from the rain, and as such, are key pieces for the UK summertime. Whilst outdoor cushions and throws can add a level of cosiness when the clouds and cool breeze set in.

4. Rid yourself of fragile items

Glass or ceramic plates can scream disaster when it comes to outdoor dining. There are now so many sophisticated and elegant outdoor dining sets, made of plastic, that make for welcome alternatives. Save yourself the hassle of providing fragile items to guests, and invest in an outdoor dining set. It will not only keep your kitchen crockery safe, but it will ensure that your outdoor dining experience looks aesthetically pleasing and consistent, perfect if you are hoping to impress this summer.

5. Make the food easy to access

Place your plates, utensils, condiments, drinks and anything else you might need on an easy-to-access outdoor dining table. By allowing the guests to get their own bits it keeps the setting casual, allows everyone to still socialise around the dinner table, whilst it also means you have the opportunity to show off and dress an outdoor table to suit any chosen theme. Think table runners or bright table covers - ideal when you want to add a pop of colour to liven up any summer BBQ

24th May 2018

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