Bedroom Inspiration: Styling Your Guest Room

Bedroom Inspiration: Styling Your Guest Room

As it has recently been National Bed Month we thought we would take this opportunity to look at some inspired decor for bedrooms.

Guest rooms are a wonderful way to show off your home’s style and personality to your visitors, and they also have the added benefit of minimal wear and tear! Make your guests feel welcome with these bedroom styling tips.

1. Try out a feature wall

If you want to keep your guest room low maintenance with simple, neutral-toned furniture and bedding, why not make the wall the feature instead? You can energise a room by adding a cool and quirky feature wall. If you want to try out a travel-inspired theme, try a map wallpaper. If you want to add a permanent splash of colour that will keep the room lively, try a bold colour or a bold patterned wallpaper.

2. Make the bed the centrepiece

If you’re looking to create and convey a certain theme in your guest room, how about making the bed the main feature? Utilise the main aspect, the bed, and work off that to style the rest of the room. For example, if you’re opting for a luxurious, hotel-chic feeling - choose a bed with a grand headboard like this one. Alternatively, use the main feature of the room to build the rest of your room’s colour theme and aesthetic - take this set, for example, the feel of the room is all built around the furniture rather than home accessories and accents. It’s an easy way to maintain consistency in a room, whilst creating a welcoming and put-together environment.

3. Small space? Go minimalist to maximise the space

Not all guest rooms are built for big furniture and bold colours, especially if the room in question is on the small side. If you’re struggling with a small single room as your guest space, go for a minimalist theme and a white main wall. The white will open up the room and make it feel bigger, whilst the minimalist theme will keep it modern, fresh and not overcrowd the room. Opt for simple furniture, white bed frames, and light colours to keep it feeling spacious and light.

9th April 2018

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