Little Trees

Little Tree Furniture specialises in the creation of handmade, unique and individual furniture pieces. Travelling the world can open the door to a feeling of intense inspiration and this was how Little Tree Furniture was born.

Why Reclaimed?

It's not just about what you can gain today, it's about what you can add to tomorrow, and at Little tree Furniture there's a genuine concern about the future and the protection of the environment. Creating their own company policy of "woodworking with a conscience" they set themselves the guideline that all the materials used for their creations should (where possible) be reclaimed (recycled). By Purchasing from Little Tree Furniture you can not only enhance your home, you can also help the environment.

In most cases the wood is well over 75 - 150 years old and has its own unique story to tell. Little Tree Furniture doesn't just source their wood from the land - the wood can have previously been anything, from fortress doors, to fishing boat timbers. By allowing the wood to naturally reveal its secrets and history each upcycled piece has a character and personality that will only ever be found in that one piece.


Although based in the UK behind the one-of-a-kind Little Tree Furniture items is a wonderful team of craftsmen working in both the UK and India.

Little Tree Furniture employs local qualified Carpenters in the UK, whilst in India; the carpentry yards have been specifically chosen due to their colonial tools and traditional woodworking methods; promoting authentic joinery techniques and the heritage behind British carpentry.

The End Result

If you're looking for furniture with the ultimate feel good factor it doesn't get much better than this! Alongside helping the environment and the economy, Little Tree Furniture also gives back to communities and charities. With a strong sense of corporate social responsibility, Little Tree Furniture dedicates a proportion of their time, funds and efforts to UK based charities and schools. Sponsoring a local English school football team, they are working with them to build links with schools and orphanages in India, with the aim to benefit children in both Britain and India. Whether it's providing football kits or a decent level of education, Little Tree Furniture is helping to forge communication and understanding between UK and Indian schools.