A good night’s sleep doesn’t happen by accident and at Harrison, there are no shortcuts to quality. They carefully select the finest natural fillings for our luxury mattresses, so it is only right that the same attention to detail goes into British craftsmanship.

Their factory in Yorkshire, every mattress, divan, headboard and bed frame is hand made by our skilled crafters. From upholstering each headboard, to tailoring and hand tufting all of the mattresses, each bed in our factory is crafted to the customer's individual order. 

These time-honoured techniques have often been passed from generation to generation, resulting in beautiful, bespoke beds that are of the highest quality and represent the bed in British manufacturing. 

Harrison, been making beds since 1889. In that time they have remained a family business crafting quality beds for more than five generations. The knowledge that they have gained from over 100 years of bed making has made the Harrison name synonymous with hand-made, luxury, pocket-spring mattresses.

Some of the ways they make beds today may be different, but the aim is still the same as it always has been: to create a tailored sleeping experience that is second to none. They look to innovate and lead the way by developing the best pocket spring mattresses and have replaced man-made fibres with 100% natural upholstery fillings in order to improve comfort wherever possible.

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